What is Feng Shui?

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The art, science, practice, and study of Feng Shui has been going on for about 4500 years. Feng Shui is really about two things: acknowledging that energy exists within our environment – affecting our moods, our outlook, our dreams and goals, and all kinds of situations that just come up with day-to-day living; … and… taking advantage of this knowledge to make positive, intentional adjustments to shift that environmental energy so our space is as supportive and nurturing as possible, in all ways.

A person’s own individual energy is almost always stronger than their environmental energy. We all probably know someone in our lives who has overcome dire environmental conditions and risen up to change their lives for the better. Likewise, we also probably know someone who seemed strong and together, who had some undue stress or trauma in their lives and then just never seemed the same again.

It is at the times when we have to deal with unusual stress, or when life is unsettled, or when we are faced with handling some difficult situation that our environmental energy can affect us the most. This exemplifies the whole person (mind, body, spirit) concept that all the parts of our lives are interconnected.

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How Can Feng Shui Benefit My Life?

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If there are any problems in your home life, in your business, or in your corporate job, or if you are having trouble achieving a goal you’ve set, please call me for a feng shui consultation. One of the many types of consultations offered by Colorado Harmony is sure to fit your style. Please see Please see my Feng Shui Services Section for a complete listing of services provided. Any and all services may be individually tailored for your specific and/or general needs.

So why bother – what good does shifting energy do? Well, if there are unlucky and problematic patterns or blockages in the energy flows around your space, you’re probably feeling it in more than one way. Lot’s of people have emotional feelings, like the feeling of their life being stuck in some way, or physical feelings, like perhaps feeling unusually tired for no reason – or worse, they feel both.

Why not make some adjustments and get your ‘flow’ going again? There’s a saying… ‘Practice defensive feng shui first’. Take care of the things around your space that may be holding your energy back, or keeping you down. As you shift away this negative energy, you will create openings for many new opportunities to come your way. Why not take advantage of feng shui and let your environment work on you behalf? I just can’t think of a reason not to.

But don’t mistake every problem in your life as something bad. It’s important to be thankful for the things that are going well in our lives, no matter how small. And it’s important to recognize that disharmony is what gives our lives flair; what makes each day different from the next. If we didn’t embrace a little disharmony and change, our lives would be extremely routine and boring. It is disharmony that keeps us in touch with our inner selves, and in overcoming disharmony, we grow and become stronger.

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