Five Feng Shui Tips

Here are five feng shui tips to give a power boost to the energy around your home!!  These quick and easy adjustments come from basic, traditional principles and give you a big positive shift with only minimal amount of effort involved.  Try one or all five and see what happens!

1. Clear the Mouth

Feng Shui Tips - Entryway

The entryway of your home is how energy comes in, like a mouth breathing in a breath of fresh air.  By keeping this area neat and tidy, your home draws in more positive energy which sets the tone for the entire rest of the house.  Make the outside entrance of your home inviting and beautiful.  Make sure the front door stands out and is easy to see.  Add some plants or artwork or something beautiful.  On the inside, make sure there isn’t any clutter, like piles of shoes, or stacks of old mail and junk.  Have a beautiful, welcoming view upon entering.  If you entryway is small, asymmetrical, or misaligned in some way, use a mirror to reflect away the problem and bring in balance.  PowerBoost:  Add nine healthy plants around the entryway leading inward, to help your home get and even bigger breath of fresh, positive energy.

2. Stay in Command

The ‘command’ position of any space is the wall or corner that is across from and farthest away from doorway.  Home owners should try to be in the command position as much as possible, in every room.  In this position, very few things can get past you; you don’t miss any opportunities or let anything happen behind you where you can’t see well.  Having your bed in command position in your bedroom, having your favorite chair or sofa in the command position of the living room, and having your stove in a position so you look outward to cook, are all examples of taking advantage of the command position.  This is one of the most basic concepts of feng shui and one of the principle reasons people move their furniture around.  PowerBoost:  If you have a home office, find a way to position your chair in the corner opposite the doorway looking outward.  If you must face a wall, put up a mirror so you can see behind you.

3. Color It Up!

Adding color is another basic feng shui concept that creates a big energy shift, and there are many color ‘cures’.  Adding even a small amount of color will often to the trick.  You can look on the bagua energy map and add a bit of color to the associated energy area (for example, purple for wealth, black for career, etc), or add the colors of the five elements, or the colors of the constantly turning dharma wheel… any and all colors can shift the energy of a space, so be creative.  Use cool colors to balance fiery warm spaces, and use warm colors to balance spaces that feel cold or uninviting.  Sometimes you can just brighten the light of a room and the color that is there will stand out more.  PowerBoost:  Hang a 40mm round ‘feng shui’ crystal (‘ab’ are the best) in the inside entryway of your home or in the center of any room, allowing hundreds of points of light in all seven colors of the chakras (and the rainbow) to be reflected beautifully and evenly around the room.

4. Mind the Clutter

It’s true… clutter is the one thing that will drag you energy way, way down.  Clutter only affects you in a negative way, because it encourages pockets of completely blocked and stagnant energy and when you have this in your home, it’s highly likely you also have it in your daily life.  You may experience depression, feel overwhelmed, like life is extra hard, or like you aren’t getting anywhere with your goals. A pristine, ultra-clean home isn’t required, but having clean, clear walkways and uncluttered walls, shelves, tabletops, and countertops will allow the energy around your home to form natural patterns of flow and support.  PowerBoost:  Dust, dirt, and grime are all forms of clutter.  Take your shoes off when you enter the house to significantly reduce surface and floor dust, and to help prevent ‘low energy’ from coming in.

5. Cultivate Your Own Ch’i

Feng Shui Tips - Bedroom

When your own energy is run down or weakened, depleted by stress, or trauma, or illness… this is when your environment can really start affecting you.  It is extremely important to grow and strengthen your own personal ch’i.  Meditation is the perfect mechanism.  Many medical studies have proven that people who meditate have more ease in handing the pressures of daily life, and are measurably healthier and happier.  You don’t need to sit cross-legged and still... you just need to be able to ‘zone out’, to release your mind from purposeful thought and be open to whatever comes.  And it doesn’t take a lot of time – even five minutes a day has been proven to make a positive difference.  Try zoning out in meditation while walking or jogging, or listening to chanting or drumming sounds – sometimes a rhythm or ‘beat’ can help your mind relax.  PowerBoost:  Try a feng shui ‘guided’ meditation.  Guided meditations help you create visualizations for specific purposes, including mental clarity, protection, guidance, and improved physical health, and they’re good for beginners new to meditating.

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