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Owner & Consultant Tamara Aires

Tamara became a certified consultant in 2001, with the Accelerated Path program through Nancy SantoPietro in New York.  She is now in her eighth year of advanced mentorship in the Affiliate Program with Katherine Metz in San Francisco.

Tamara draws on her feng shui expertise, plus nearly 15 years in the information technology industry, to bring a unique perspective to problem-solving at the human level.

Her company is dedicated to sharing the knowledge and practice of feng shui in America, in the Black Sect Bon Tibetan Buddhist (BTB) tradition.

Benefits of Feng Shui

Feng shui may seem trendy, but it has been around for nearly 5000 years.  This ancient, yet efficient philosophy on how to live as wealthy, as happy, and as healthy as possible has provided amazing results to all who have practiced with an open and compassionate heart.

Tamara helped me in Jan. of 2005 when my husband and I bought a new home in Florissant. Even though it was more than an hour away from her home, she came up into the mountains to assess the layout of our new home. It was still empty so we were able to diagram the best layout, feng shui-wise.It REALLY helped me make moving in easier; I could put things in correctly initially, without having to move stuff twice.

Right away we had visitors say how comfortable it felt, and how good the energy seemed to them. Likewise, Tam's suggestions brought more peace to our dogs and helped their transition, too. (We have an especially bossy dog, and by setting up a spot for him, in a "power corner" he settled into the new arrangement fairly painlessly!)

I was, and still am, very grateful to Tamara for all her help. Carolynne F.
Florissant, CO

The environments you create have a profound affect on your life within them.  Studying the feng shui of a space includes mapping the natural flow of energy, focusing on the floor plan and position of furniture, to identify weak or negative energy patterns and make the necessary adjustments to eliminate them.

Personal attitude and ch’i cultivation is emphasized.  Reward yourself and your health by simply paying attention to your surroundings and making small changes.

Don’t equate disharmony with negativity; we would have very boring and uneventful lives without difference, obstacles, and a little disharmony.

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