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Remember, feng shui energy is with us always, every minute of every day, whether we acknowledge it or not. Every single event, even the smallest things, have the aspects of how, who, when, where, and why – feng shui is the ‘where’ of any situation, the environment. Spending time in spaces with energy flow problems will most certainly start to deplete your own personal energy. Take advantage – get your feng shui working for you – there’s just no reason not to.

It is important to state here that one school is not ‘right’ and another ‘wrong’. You must choose the methodology that resonates the most truth with your own beliefs about energy. I practice BTB Feng Shui because I feel a strong connection to how energy flows within a space, versus the directions of the compass. People ask all the time, “isn’t Feng Shui about moving furniture?” And yes, that is a part of it – if you change the placement of furniture in a space, the path that energy usually takes also changes. Most people “feel” any kind of change, and that’s why moving furniture can certainly be a catalyst for shifting energy.

In Black Sect Bon Tibetan Buddhist (BTB) Feng Shui, we follow the path of energy (ch’i) from the architectural front door inward into a space.  This methodology of practice is aligned with the ‘form’ school of Feng Shui.  The other  kind of main-stream Feng Shui is guided by the ‘compass’ school, which relies more on astrology and a person’s best direction.  There are other, lesser known schools, but most can eventually be connected back to one of the two fundamental Feng Shui schools:  ‘form’ or ‘compass’.  Compass school practitioners will typically use a large LoPan compass; whereas form school practitioners, such as those of Black Sect, refer only to the inner most ring of the LoPan compass, also simply known as the ‘Bagua’ (ba meaning ‘eight’, and gua meaning ‘area’).

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